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Every month we receive hundreds of inquiries, book lists, and email messages from people who want to sell us a few of their books or their complete book collections. If you would like to sell us books, please read the following instructions we have prepared to simplify this process and to make it easier both for you and for us. If you send us your book information, and if we have an interest in purchasing your books, we will contact you within two business days after we receive your information. In situations involving a large number of books, or involving very valuable books, we may request additional information or we may want to make arrangements to physically examine your books.

Sales Instructions:If you want us to consider buying your book or your books, we require the following basic information to help us determine whether we have an interest in purchasing your book or your books:

  • - The title page information for each book you would like to sell, including the author’s first name and last name, the complete title, the copyright or edition date, the name of the publisher, and the city where your particular edition was published;

  • - The edition or printing information, if ascertainable or known. This information can be obtained either by looking at the copyright page, by consulting your original purchase information, or by identifying additional information on the title page and other preliminary pages before the text of the actual book;

  • - The binding description (Is the book bound in leather or in cloth? Is the entire book bound in leather or just the spine? Does the binding exhibit elaborate hand tooling, or is it a simple and plain binding? If the binding is a leather binding, has it been signed by the binder?);

  • - The details and description of the condition of each book. Please note any major cosmetic flaws or defects in the binding or in the printed pages of text;

  • - The condition of your book’s dust jacket (if it was issued with one);

  • - The unusual or special attributes of book that you may think will be important to us in determining whether we would like to purchase it. Is your book signed or inscribed by the author?;

  • - Does your book have an interesting history or provenance?While we generally specialize in 16th through 20th Century American and British Literature, we also purchase books in virtually every field of interest.

As a general rule we do not purchase books in the following categories:

- Computer books- Book Club Editions
- Books with library markings
- Textbooks
- Books in extremely worn condition
- Nazi memorabilia
- Incomplete sets, or uniformly bound books missing series titles
- Pornography
- Magazines
- Alphabet Readers
- Law Books

While we do perform appraisals, there is a charge for this service. Additionally, to prevent any appearance of a conflict of interest, if we perform an appraisal of a book or of a book collection, we are then precluded from purchasing that book or book collection. Please bear in mind that we cannot purchase all of the books offered to us. Many books that potential sellers offer to us are neither rare nor first editions, or are in poor condition, incomplete, or do not fit into our areas of interest.

We cannot extend a purchase offer for a book or books until we have physically examined the book or books offered for sale.

Please do not ship books to us or bring them to our shop unless and until we specifically request you do so.

Due to the volume of inquiries we receive, we ask that you contact our main office by one of the following methods: 

By email: purchasing@printersrowbooks.com

By mail: Printers Row Fine and Rare Books
Attention: Book Buyer
715 S. Dearborn Street
Chicago, Illinois 60605
(312) 583-1800

By facsimile:(312) 583-1905

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